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10 Reasons Why You Should Hire Me

Over the last six months, its been my goal to become well-rounded in Job Hunting. Through research and trial and error, I have everything from “how do you cope with stress?” to following up with a thank you note down. Through posting resumes “in the black hole” and not hearing back, I realize that the majority of tech companies could care less why I want to work for them. Why? They’re a well known tech company or well known company and every engineer/smart/analytic/passionate/fun person in the world applies and wants to work for them.

So, here are ten reasons why they should want me:

1. Initiative is pouring out of me. Want some evidence? Facebook ads, Twitter, this blog, networking, working a part-time while looking for the job I really want… I’ve really used social media to brand myself and have differentiated myself (there’s more to me than my resume!) as someone “going places”.

2. I love technology. But what prospective employee doesn’t? When I really love something, I don’t let it go. For example, my swimming career. I started when I was 8 and continued all through college, even though Ivy League schools don’t grant athletic scholarships. I used to wake up at 4:15am for practice before school for the reason of loving it so much. When I work on something I love, I really work at it. And that’s how I feel about technology and am perfectly happy living and breathing it to go “beyond the call of duty.” This is why I’m not looking for just any job.

3. I thrive under pressure. A technology/internet company is a very fast-paced environment. New ideas are thrown around and changes can be implemented very quickly. I like the freedom of not having a “road map” for everything! I enjoy having responsibility and doing my best every day (I wouldn’t have it any other way). I’ve been forced to develop time management skills through my busy college life (part-time job, school, swimming) and manage to stay calm when I’m the busiest. To make it short, I get things done(see #6).

4. I can multitask. Just look at my job search strategy! I’ve taken the time to figure out “what works” and then trying to make it happen. I’ve also operated a small business in the past while I tried to qualify for the Olympics. I know how to prioritize and break down large tasks in order to accomplish them.

5. I am extremely excited about learning. I went to Cornell! I love to learn. I was 1 of 3 undergrad’s accepted to Cornell’s MBA program, but I get more out of real-life experience. People ask why I want to go into technology and what I’m most excited about. What do I answer? I really want to get my hands dirty and learn from the best. I learn a lot by doing. I have learned a lot from my past work experience and have used it to my advantage.

6. I get the job done. I take pride in doing things well. I started my campaign a week ago and here are some accomplishments:

– Two days after my ad was put up I had an interview at one company and a recruiter contact for another.
– Got an offer for a part-time job while I’m looking for my dream job.
– Within that time frame I designed and published two websites (never having done it before).
– Have had more than 30 people reach out to me offering advice and help.

7. I have never let an employer down. Every single person I have worked for or swam for has written me a letter of recommendation. Please, take a look at the references tab on my website. “Performed at a very high level”, “had the pleasure to work with Frankie” and “well liked by clients and staff” are just a few examples of what people have said about my inputs.

8. I know the technology industry. I’ve made it a daily habit to know about what goes on in technology. Every day I research the latest news, read the newest books and am on top of all the blogs. Here’s a few:

Latest Books:
Steve Jobs
One Click: Jeff Bezos and the Rise of
Little Bets

Some blogs I read:
Hacker News
Venture Beat
The Personal MBA
Tech Crunch
All Things D

9. I’m using my spare time to develop my coding skills. Yes, I’m currently learning Python and SQL. I was a Finance specialization, so I have modeling experience. Spreadsheets don’t phase me! I want to really be able to communicate with engineers, but also be able to code myself in the future so I can be trusted by technical colleagues. I’ve realized throughout my experiences that it pays off to develop skills before they are needed.

10. I’m easy to get along with. I’ve been described as “a pleasure to work with”, but also love people, stay calm under pressure, and understand constructive criticism as a chance to improve. One of my most recent employers said “he was fully reliable and did a great job.”

Not convinced yet? Email me and tell me why.


Create a Portfolio

Here’s a link to a great resource: Ramit Sethi, author of I Will Teach You To Be Rich . In it he discusses the question “Why don’t companies ever hire me?” The answer: here’s how to stand out, everyone should have a portfolio.